The first two leading production plants in Europe belong to Tegola Canadese Tegola Canadese is the leading manufacturer of bituminous shingles in Europe , with a market share of 47%.
Every day in Vittorio Veneto Tegola Canadese manufactures 80,000 sqm of bituminous shingles and tiles, which correspond to approx. 400 roofs of average dimensions: in other words we manufacture one roof every 2.5 minutes.
Our second production plant, which is located in Davidovo, 80 km from Moscow , became fully operational in April 2004

In 1993 Tegola Canadese installed the only plant in the world dedicated to the production of PRESTIGE, a line of tiles with a 99.7% pure copper coating.

We also supply complete roofing systems, i.e. bituminous shingles, tiles, waterproofing membranes, roof accessories, roof ventilation systems and roof skylights.
Our roofing systems are complete and are tested and installed all over the world.

We avail ourselves of a network of
agents, importers and distributors in over 70 countries; we also have trading companies in Poland, Rumania, Moldavia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia-Croatia, Brazil, China and the USA.


Copper Roof Shingles

I have been in the building industry since 1978 as a qualified carpenter & joiner, forming my own company Brousse Building Construction Pty Ltd in 1988, as a registered builder of commercial & domestic work. When the building industry slowed down in 1991 - 1992 I travelled to Antarctica and worked on the construction of the metrological building at Davis station for ACS. Arriving back in Australia in 1993, I worked on the refurbishments of Myers & Grace Brothers stores as Project Manager. Following that, I re-established Brousse Building Construction Pty Ltd, mainly working on renovations and also as an owner builder. My most recent owner builder project was the house I currently live in. In building the home I sourced building materials and used construction methods which I believe to be both the most appealing and the most energy efficient, whilst also maintaining a manageable budget. I decided to use natural limestone cladding as I believe the current trend for acrylic rendering on light weight construction is very unappealing. I believed if I did the work myself I would achieve a far superior finish with greatly increased resale value. Although the overall cost was marginally more, the end result is much more visually appealing. When considering the roofing I decided on asphalt shingles, which I installed myself for the same cost as a colourbond roof. In my opinion, the asphalt shingles offer a much more unique finish. The main reason I have established Copper Roof Shingles is to be able to offer superior products and services to owner builders and home renovators, whilst allowing them the ability to install themselves following simple step-by-step instructions. By using Copper Roof Shingles, not only will you save money, you will end up with a completed project that will stand out from the rest.