Perfect waterproofing of the most critical areas of the roofing system

Icebar is a self-adhesive and self-sealing waterproofing membrane that can be applied to concrete, wood and plates alike. It is made from special elastomers bonded to a non-slip polyethylene film. If is particularly useful for waterproofing some parts of the roof - typically valleys, chimneys and windows - which are particularly hard to waterproof. Icebar is made from modified bitumen and elastomers and remains waterproof even when it is perforated by the roofing nails. It is also suitable for low-pitch roofs, and is used especially to waterproof roof overhangs in areas prone to heavy snowfalls.


  • Low-pitch roofs
  • Overhang waterproofing
  • Valley protection
  • Dormer window protection
  • Skylight headers
  • Protection around chimneys
Product specifications:
Width100 cm
Length25 m
Thickness1.3 mm
Long. resistance115 N / 5cm
Transv. resistance96 N / 5 cm
Long. stretch50 %
Transv. stretch50 %


Watertight, even if nailed

  1. Polyethylene film
  2. Bituminous compound
  3. Non-adherent film